Solo Travel is my domain - come back soon and I'll teach you how!

Traveling alone is so much fun - and easier than you think- if the idea terrifies you - this is the website for you - I want to inspire you to travel the world, on your terms, visit places you've seen in the movies and only dreamed about going; I'll share my travel tips to make solo holidays something to be desired, while building your confidence by starting local, until you are ready to fly and go for it - the only thing you've got to lose is regret! Come back soon to see my travel photos and be inspired to gallivant off and take your own - Dream! Dare! Do! Born In Scotland, now living in Los Angeles - I've always loved to wander and see what adventures find me... If you want updates on when I'm going live, join me on FB - see below - thank you! See you soon - I'll leave you with one of my favorite life quotes from Auntie Mame - Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death! Live! Live! Live! Love, always - keep dreaming - Yvonne