Life Lesson: Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Bad Thing…

Life lessons are seldom fun but do allow personal growth, once you have endured hell and merged through the other side older, wiser, and for me, usually fatter! Too often, my passion for a new project takes on a live of its own and throws me, and my sanity, off kilter. Right now, if I was a ship, I would be listing badly and taking on water…the rats would have already jumped overboard and be swimming to safety!

  • Too much marathon training – walking great distances – did 20.71 miles recently – that was fun – not really – is bad for me. Not only am I not smaller – there will be no red bikini wearing in Hawaii – I am less fit! I haven’t had time to go to the gym/yoga because I’m too busy walking. So looking forward to getting back to my normal routine after the marathon next month; I can’t see me ever wanting to do another one! It’s just too far…that’s why cars were invented – to take us distances that are too annoying to walk…
  • Too much writing – of the wrong sort – is not fun and relaxing. I became a contributing writer to What Culture to generate more interest/fans in my writing. In the past 10 weeks, despite having published 11 articles, with over 110,000 views – I have one extra fan on my Facebook page and none subscribers. (Thank you Margarita and Mark for being my 2 subscribers! Your interest is so appreciated!) And, because of all the time they’ve been taking, which I don’t get paid for, I’ve had no time to do a new blog, until today, or work on my fabulous book – so frustrating.
  • Too much work – I’ve been working more at physio than usual to pay for my trip to Hawaii, my new water heater, and don’t get me started on health insurance – leaving me exhausted and stressed, and contributing to not sleeping well, eating comfort food, and having no energy to do anymore than points 1 and 2.

I started everything with the best of intentions, and here I am, a big blob of stress and frustration. I’ve not been meditating consistently, have seen no friends, attended no screenings, nor built my new book cases, or had any fun in what seems like forever. Big sigh! I miss my normal life, where I’m always striving for balance and teeter regularly, but don’t feel so overwhelmed and miserable.

Lesson Learned: Before committing my time and energy to a project, I must take a step back and look at the big picture, and ask – how will the other pieces of the puzzle of my life be affected by this new project? Will it be worth it?

After the Honolulu marathon – in less than 3 weeks, big gulp – not sure if I’m ready; that fear is also contributing to my unease – I am going back to my dabbling/instinctive approach to exercise – whatever I feel like, I will do – e.g. gym, yoga, dancing, pilates, hiking, maybe running but only because I want to – not because I have to!

After I complete the last 2 What Culture articles that I’ve committed to, I will only do 1-2 month, if the mood takes me. It is lovely to see my name in print, and I will create a links page to have my different articles listed if anyone is interested, but not worth it in the grand scheme of things.

I need to stop working so hard all the way around, back off, once my commitments have been satisfied, and start feeling like me again!

Question: What/who is throwing you off balance? What have you committed to that you wish you hadn’t? How can you make sure it doesn’t happen again? The word NO can be quite handy sometimes. Remember, your sanity is more important than anything else…

Good luck….let’s all try and stay in the eye of the hurricane in our lives and not be swept up in the madness swirling around us…take care, Yvonne xxx


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