Scotland! Independence? At What Cost…

The future of Scotland, my country is up for grabs. Better Together? Independence? Not my call. I don’t get a vote. I am Scottish, but live in Los Angeles. The choices other people make will affect me, my family, my friends, in Scotland and across the globe, even my British passport…but in the grand scheme of things, what I think doesn’t count.  That doesn’t stop me debating it in my head, but I would never try to force my opinion on anybody. Too many people, on both sides, are doing that.

I awoke from a dream? a nightmare? last night – Madame De Farge was knitting at the foot of some stairs, listening to the rampant beat of drums, the melancholy wail of bagpipes, her gaze fixed on the guillotine, positioned on a high altar, which hovered, in mid air, ready to sever the head off Britain. Blood was already oozing down the steps towards her…

My American friends are fascinated by this whole referendum business and everyone is asking me,  “What’s going on over there? What do you think will happen?” My response, I don’t know…all I do know is: I don’t like people who deal in fear and intimidation – a great idea should fly by itself and not need to be thrust apon people and beaten into their skulls.

I’m horrified by some of the stories emerging from Scotland – this is not the actions of my people, my country – the world over knows, and loves, us Scots for our wit, sense of humor, our passion and friendliness – this aura of bullying, manipulation and lies has more in common with Nazi Germany than Scotland, my beloved country of birth, which both sides are guilty of. No one is listening; everyone is screaming and talking at each other – no one seems to be demanding answers to legitimate questions.

A journalist looks to the source of the truth to validate whether it is accurate.  In this independence issue, people seem to be buying what the politicians are serving – and the politicians are selling what the people want to buy.

The Nationalists are buying into the “If you’re not with us, you’re against us, if you’re not with us, you’re not a real Scot. William Wallace died for you – to give you freedom!” I’ve been half-expecting to see a poster with Wallace depicted on a crucifix in the propaganda material.

While the Unionists are trading on the stance that “The world as you know it will die and you’ll live to regret your decision, and your children, and your children’s children – you will be responsible for the downfall of Western Civilization.”

My dad, a staunch Labor/SNP man his whole life, is turning in his grave at the utter demoralizing shambles; he never trusted any politicians; he was appalled when, after Scotland got partial independence, that the first three things the voted-in Scotsmen did were to vote themselves a raise, demand a new fancy building, then go on holiday for several weeks.

His favorite joke: A powerful politician dies – insert whatever name you like – and is greeted at  a lift/elevator by God and the Devil – God says, “Come upstairs with me, you will have eternal peace, love, and joy.”

The devil says, “Come downstairs with me, you’ll be in for a grand party, all your mates are there, bit of booze, bands, hot women, every desire will be fulfilled, I promise.”

The politician thinks about it, finally saying, “You know, God, thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll head down and catch up with a few pals.”

God says, “This is for eternity…no going back…”

The politician replies, “I know….but…you know…”He gets taken downstairs by the Devil, the doors open; instead of the fun party he was expecting, he finds torture, mayhem and pure hell.” He protests to the Devil, “Come on -this isn’t what you promised – I’ve changed my mind.”

The Devil replies, “I lied to get your vote – now I can do with you what I like…”

To all those voting – look at who’s actually telling the truth; follow the money – listen to the authorities on the facts – don’t buy into myths, lies and intimidation. Do you see Sean Connery, great Scot and seeker of Independence, who lives in Spain to avoid paying taxes, rushing to move back to Scotland, to pay taxes to help pay for all the moonbeams promised?

To all those who don’t have a vote – if Scotland does vote for independence – expect a Hollywood style divorce – Scotland and England have had a marriage for hundreds of years – there is no pre-nup – it will be ugly of cosmic proportions.

Vote your conscious – don’t be ruled by heart or fear…look at the big picture – where do you see/want your life to be 5, 10, or 50 years down the line…

In 48 hours, everything will be different, one way or the other…I hope whatever happens that the hatred, divisive nature, and open wounds, of this campaign can be healed and we will rise and be a proud nation again – either alone or in partner ship with England….

I don’t get a vote – it’s up to you…


I am Scottish by design - citizen of the world by choice...I am a storyteller, who loves to entertain, enlighten and inspire....I believe that sometimes the only mode of transportation is a leap of faith.... I know we are all striving to be the best version of ourselves, that sometimes it's difficult to even get out of bed in the morning, but you have to keep moving, keep trusting, keeping believing.... Walk on with hope, joy, and love in your heart and you'll never walk alone....