7 More Thoughts On Afterlife…A Personal View (From The Plausible To The Ridiculous)

A potential picture of Earth from the afterlife in Heaven! e fro

Death finds us all – some after a life well-lived, others have it thrust upon them, by sickness, accident or malice – but where do we go afterlife?  A few months ago, I was debating this with myself and came up with some plausible to the ridiculous ideas…I decided to …

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Salton Sea, California – Relic of a Dream….

skeletal tree in mud at sunset, Salton Sea

Some mad dreams flourish – look at Las Vegas….others are destined to die…the Salton Sea project was a grand one – take a man-made accident from 1905 – the creation of a giant lake in the desert of Southern California desert – and build resorts/yacht clubs, where people could sail, …

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Celtic 2 – Astra 1 : View from the Celtic End

Monkey at LA Zoo

Cutting to the chase – we won – another frustrating, annoying, lucky win with few glimpses of magic and focused passion – but 3 points are 3 points. Another team, taking advantage of our mis-steps, bad communication, sad defending, poor passes, no imagination in front of the net, and lack …

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