Exploring Los Angeles – Griffith Park – LA Zoo (Old and New)

Sparkly holiday baubles

Visiting the old Zoo, set high in a canyon of Griffith Park, jolts you to a past where animals were kept in solitary confinement, Alcatraz fashion; like Alcatraz, it’s now defunct but evocative of a time gone-by: the modern LA Zoo is a tranquil botanical garden a few miles along …

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7 More Thoughts On Afterlife…A Personal View (From The Plausible To The Ridiculous)

A potential picture of Earth from the afterlife in Heaven! e fro

Death finds us all – some after a life well-lived, others have it thrust upon them, by sickness, accident or malice – but where do we go afterlife?  A few months ago, I was debating this with myself and came up with some plausible to the ridiculous ideas…I decided to …

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Je Suis Charlie – I Am A Writer – Vive La Liberte….

quote from my new journal

Voltaire believed, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” As a member of a free society, I agree – I believe in truth and freedom of expression – Vive la Liberte! I am a writer – I can only …

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Salton Sea, California – Relic of a Dream….

skeletal tree in mud at sunset, Salton Sea

Some mad dreams flourish – look at Las Vegas….others are destined to die…the Salton Sea project was a grand one – take a man-made accident from 1905 – the creation of a giant lake in the desert of Southern California desert – and build resorts/yacht clubs, where people could sail, …

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9 Holiday Traditions For Singles….

Photo of me in Alaska as my Xmas card 2014

Being single around holidays can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to be.  Yes, every movie, every commercial, is selling happy families, but anyone with a family knows that is not exactly the truth.  I’ve had my share of family Christmases, of being half of a smug couple, but some …

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