Kauai Adventures – from Pride of America

big cliffs of Kauai

Kauai – my favorite island – the oldest, wildest, rebel teenager of the chain.  More remote than the rest, with frequent power outages, a resistance to the big development that’s conquering Maui, with many areas inaccessible by road, the locals have a defiant ‘we live on Kauai ; we’re the …

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Hawaii Adventures – The Big Island – from Pride Of America

Cruise ship docked at sea,

Hawaii – the Big Island – was next up after Maui – where Pride of America made two stops – Hilo and Kona.  Each island is so different in personality; if Maui is the mad aunt, mercurial, charming, and fascinating to be around – Hawaii, the Big Island, is her …

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Maui Adventures – from Pride of America

Sun pokes through clouds

Maui Beckoned! Pride of America departed Oahu Saturday afternoon – as it does every week – and docked at Maui Sunday morning, where we enjoyed 2 days to explore and experience a typical Hawaii micro-climate.  Each island has its own flavor and personality.  Here, I will share my best moments …

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I am Yvonne McLeod of Clan McLeod – There Can Be Only One!!!

Radiant Thistle

My name is Yvonne McLeod of the Clan McLeod – there can be only one….I love the end of Highlander….names are so powerful – they can declare an intention to be a certain presence in the world. A name can enhance or subtract from our power. There’s a reason, in …

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Exploring Los Angeles – Griffith Park – LA Zoo (Old and New)

Sparkly holiday baubles

Visiting the old Zoo, set high in a canyon of Griffith Park, jolts you to a past where animals were kept in solitary confinement, Alcatraz fashion; like Alcatraz, it’s now defunct but evocative of a time gone-by: the modern LA Zoo is a tranquil botanical garden a few miles along …

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