I’m All In For The Honolulu Marathon

Honolulu Marathon – here I come! The money is down, flights and hotel – booked – looking forward to seeing New Otani Hotel and exploring Honolulu – who has not dreamed over Hawaii in winter; we grow up seeing all these films and TV shows filmed in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii – my first experience was watching Elvis. I can’t wait! I’m excited and terrified, and wondering what am I doing, at the same time! Have I bit off more than I can chew?

Awoke with a stiff leg, so frustrated and annoyed at myself for pushing too hard, too fast, on Monday.  I had a plan – slow and steady, get back my normal level of fitness/endurance, build up good foundation of strength, and get my running analyzed before I started training properly.  But, boundless enthusiasm trumped common sense.  Now my body is forcing me to take it easy, be gentle with myself…Lack of patience/rushing and pride/showing off have always been responsible for me falling into trouble/getting injured.

  • This Honolulu marathon business will be the perfect opportunity to master, or at least get a handle on, these life lessons…after speaking with Julie, my oldest pal – we met day one, room one of primary school in Scotland – she is keen to give it a shot, too, – what have I started???

Just booked my flights on American Airlines, straight into Honolulu from LAX – thank you frequent flyer points…and the Honolulu hotel that I chose…Rolando at front desk was lovely…http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60982-d86951-Reviews-The_New_Otani_Kaimana_Beach_Hotel-Honolulu_Oahu_Hawaii.html

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote on the beach there – love following in the footsteps of greatness…and the New Otani hotel, probably my room, will be visible from the finish line…it’s the other side of the park from the main mad Waikiki strip/downtown Honolulu…after comprehensive research and conversation with Rene, booked it through http://www.bluehawaiiresorts.com/  where I got the 4th night free!!! Gotta love that…So, it feels good to have made the decision – my goal is to complete it…I shall embrace the qualities of a turtle not the hare…





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