I Am Not Dead….I Have Been Slumbering….

Imagine how Dorothy really felt after leaving the Technicolor world of Oz, where she’d found great friends, a grand purpose, and enjoyed many adventures – after clicking her heels, she would have been deposited in a desolate landscape, devoid of color and joy, surrounded by the devastation caused by the tornado; haunted by the memories of a life gone by, all she had to look forward to was drudgery and misery….

That was me!

Contrary to the illusion that I’ve fallen off the planet, I am still here. I’ve been hiding, or let’s be nice and call it hibernating, in my home cave. Now, I’ve cleared the spiderweb from the entrance and am ready to emerge into the light and reclaim my role of optimist; I’m eager to pick up a camera, tell a story, put on my dancing shoes and go off on a fun adventure…

Marathons are tricky beasts. You pour all this energy and time into training – pretty much to the exclusion of the rest of your life. Balance – hah! – what is that? Everything else is essentially on hold. The day comes. You cross the line – 26+ miles later – see previous blog for that story – for days, your hands and feet are swollen with edema, your mind is engorged with pride, while your spirit flies triumphant. You feel invincible!!!

What the books seldom mention is the fact that when you come off that high, and crash back onto Earth, you are running on fumes with the patience and tolerance levels of a caged gorilla on PCP, during Children’s Day at the zoo..

For the past few months, few people have seen me, except at work,(and we all know how relaxing, fun and rewarding that is for me!) I’ve not been a presence on any social front – virtual or reality. I’ve felt impotent – unable to write, to feel joy, to be me. During the training, I lost 3 people from my life – ones I truly love and miss. I’ve been grieving for my losses and re-evaluating my circumstances, taking inventory of what is most important to me and where I want to be focusing my time and energy.

I have realized that with my body – she likes a little bit of everything and not too much of anything! My spirit needs to be surrounded by encouraging people and positive situations. I need to make time to have fun and be creative. I plan on getting a fancy SLR camera, like the one that was stolen so many years ago, and go out and play in the world with it. I need to find another avenue to make money that makes me feel like me! I love to travel, meet new people, go off adventuring…

Incidentally, soon, my Mum and I will be off on an Alaskan cruise – balcony – starboard side – many pictures will be taken/memories will be created…Incidentally, I published my first travel book on my trip to Oahu – self-published with a limited edition run…but had great response by the people who’ve seen it!

So, my friends, I look forward to seeing you/talking with you soon….I’m still having trouble enabling the comments section, so if you want to comment, send me a message through the Contact Form….or give me a call…

Question: If you were to step back from your life – and view the big picture – what is missing that would bring you joy? Who or what do you have to let go of to decrease your stress?

Be well – Be happy – Dream big – Act bigger….love you! Miss you! Yxxx







I am Scottish by design - citizen of the world by choice...I am a storyteller, who loves to entertain, enlighten and inspire....I believe that sometimes the only mode of transportation is a leap of faith.... I know we are all striving to be the best version of ourselves, that sometimes it's difficult to even get out of bed in the morning, but you have to keep moving, keep trusting, keeping believing.... Walk on with hope, joy, and love in your heart and you'll never walk alone....