Harry Potter…10 Fun Spin-off Ideas…

Harry Potter books are among my favorite to revisit; here are my 10 Harry Potter spin-off ideas.  When JK Rowling announced she was writing a screen-play based on the Harry Potter world – www.facebook.com/JKRowling/posts/441828229259132 – my imagination jumped into over drive.

I had been unaware of the Harry Potter phenomena until the publicity for Goblet of Fire reached fever-pitch and L.A. Times wrote an article on the hysteria, the reading parties, people in costume, waiting for hours. I rolled my eyes and thought, ‘Idiots – no book’s worth all that fuss!’ Fast forward a few months, I was flying to New York; at LAX, I picked the Sorcerer’s Stone to see what the fuss was about.

Once I started reading, I was hooked; these are my ideas for spin-off’s, from the sublime to the ridiculous, across all genres.

10/ Horror Film with Humor

Set in present day New Orleans during Mardi Gras, the Dementors have escaped the magical world and are feeding off the joyous partiers in the French Quarter; they have no shortage of victims. As more and more souls are sucked into oblivion, Bourbon Street becomes a ghost town. Ron and Hermione arrive on holiday, along with their teenage children and a bunch of fun-loving Weasleys – Arthur wants them to have respect for Muggles and Hermione is doing a Ph D in Muggle Studies. They are the only ones who understand what is going on and are the only ones who can fix it, then they encounter some jazz musician wizards, in town for fun; working together, they drive the Dementors into the Bayou, before defeating them and sending them back to Hell.

9/ Fun Sit-com

Fed up not being taken seriously by the magical world, Luna Lovegood moves to San Francisco,where she sets up a psychic/wicca shop in The Haight close to Golden Gate Park; She finds a loony band of friends, who appreciate her normal crazy self, while her up-market, uptight neighbors find her appalling.  People start coming to her with their problems, which she solves magically but with much smoke and mirrors, with chanting and herbs and potions, to hide the fact she’s the real thing. She becomes a local celebrity and everybody has a good time; during sweeps week, we meet many old school mates, who pop in as guest stars.

8/ Hospital Drama

Set at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries in London. It is gritty, realistic, the true stories behind the gruesome injuries and maladies suffered by those who are admitted. Every week, the focus is on a different ward and the personnel who work there, we see how much they care about the people who are involved in accidents not of their own making, e.g. a jinx or curse or interaction with a dodgy animal, and how exasperated and judgmental they are over the people whose stupidity, pride and carelessness have brought them in = bad magic, sloppy spells, poor wand work. There is a black humor captured as these healers work on the front lines to save lives, sacrificing their own happiness for the good of others. There is much ghostly interference, from old healers roaming the wards, who taunt, lecture and never shut up, to ghostly patients meandering the halls, not realizing they are dead.

7/ Serious Dramatic Film

The production values are high; art direction, production design, adapted screenplay, based on a novel, will win many awards, along with the lead actors. The dialogue is witty and biting but there are few laughs and much talking, shouting, tears and huffs. Harry Potter is no longer a rising star in the Ministry, most people think of him as Big Hal, that bloke that used to be the boy Harry Potter. His ego is bruised and he longs for the days when everyone knew him, respected him and listened to what he had to say. He decides to run for Prime Minister to gain new fame, but Ginny, his wife, is not happy. She has sacrificed her career and dedicated her life to raising their children; she feels neglected and wants to feel appreciated. But they fell in love as teenagers and have emotionally grown apart; she doesn’t want to appear needy and clingy and he doesn’t want her to think of him as a loser. Can their marriage be saved? Will Harry Potter be elected without the glowing support of his wife? Will Ginny stand up for what she wants and get her happy ever after? Time and much talking will tell…

6/ Alternate Reality/Fantasy Film

In this alternate reality, Voldemort lived and Harry Potter died. Evil rules the land. There are a few brave souls, remnants of Dumbledore’s Army, who live to fight another day. They are debating on using the Dark Arts to resurrect Harry Potter. If you commit evil in the name of good, is that bad? Even Voldemort’s allies feel that he has gone too far and secretly are working to bring him down. If you are bad, but being true to yourself, and fighting someone worse, does that make you good? It is a world where nothing is what it seems, nobody is purely black or white, all shades of grey, except Voldy, who is pure evil and trusts no one. He is debating on creating a world where there are no people just a planet full of snakes all under his control. But would a planet of snakes join together to be free of a psychopathic control freak? Who knows whose side anybody is on? Double crossed is nothing; quadrupled crossed is normal.

5/ Musical

Hogwart’s School has a Glee club, who are bored competing against the same magical schools every time and winning so easily; they want a challenge and push Neville, their teacher, to let them compete in the human world against real schools in America. He gives in and breaks the rules, creating a fake Muggle school in California for them to be associated with. They go on the road and are not supposed to use magic – but try to tell a teenager what to do and all you’ll get is mayhem. They fall in love with Muggles and get all tangled up in the Muggle World. Of course, they make it to the Finals and are on television with international coverage; the Ministry of Magic, run by Harry Potter, steps in to pull them from the competition. Does Neville have what it takes to stand up to Harry Potter? Will Harry relent and be proud of the students and understand them wanting to prove themselves? Will the students succumb to using magic and destroy the anonymity of the magical world? Will any choose love over magic and decide to live as a Muggle?

4/ Love Story Drama

A love triangle between Lily Potter, Rose Weasley, who used to be the best of friends, and Scorpius Malfoy. We are never sure if he is in love with either of them or just using them to avenge his father against his two High School bullies. Both girls are equally smitten and see it as a Romeo and Juliet type of scenario. As feelings run deeper on all sides, betrayals are inevitable, friendships are severed, hearts are broken and revenge is sought. Once the parents enter the mix, old hatreds and past choices raise the stakes higher. Whose love is real? Is it returned? Whose body lies crumpled at the foot of the stairs? Did they fall? Or were they pushed?

3/ A Political Thriller

Draco, horrified by the deeds of his father, pledges to be a good man. In the magical world, the Malfoy name is tainted – admired and revered by some, despised and disrespected by most – Draco finds it impossible to be taken seriously. He moves his family to London in the Muggle World, becomes a lawyer, then politician, but he cannot escape his past. Vlad, his younger brother, a fast-rising king-pin in the magical underworld, wants to stake a claim on Muggle territory in the West End. When Lucius, their father, gets free from prison, he comes to Muggle London, finds he cannot manipulate Draco with the ease he could before, and moves in with Vlad. They work together to undermine all the good that Draco has done and coerce him into elevating the bad family name. As he resists their malignant advances, Draco realizes that the higher echelons of society/politics are the most corrupt. Does he stake a claim for good and fight for what is best for the people? Does he succeed and become a man shaped by his past to rise above it? Or, does he claim his dark side to fit into modern politics, please his father, and enhance the family legacy of evil?

2/ Romantic Comedy/Sporting Underdog Tale

Ron and Hermione are engaged, but Ron starts acting up and doesn’t want to be tied down and goes away to find himself/have fun. When he comes back, Hermione has accepted a job as head of publicity for the Quidditch World Cup; she has to work closely with Viktor Krum, the Ronaldo of his day, who’s just dumped his supermodel girl friend. Viktor has the money, fame, position, and devotion to Hermione; Ron is a university drop out, who’s a big scaredy cat and still very threatened by Viktor. Ron challenges Viktor to a winner-takes-all game of Quidditch – they choose their teams from anybody they can recruit! Harry is pulled in to be seeker, despite undergoing recent spinal surgery. Ron salvages a team of almost-was and has-been’s; Vicktor attracts all super stars. But Hermione hears about the bet and dumps them both. Does the game go forward? Who wins? Will Hermione forgive either of them?

1/ Reality Television

Husband Exchange – Lucius gets to live at The Burrow, the Weasley home, with Molly, while Arthur gets to hang out at Malfoy Manor. Will Lucius let down his hair, become less judgmental and enjoying relaxing in the country surrounded by gingers? Will Arthur behave more like a gentleman and be able to attend a black tie benefit without embarrassing Narcissa? Will spending a month away from their own lives make them more appreciative of what they have and find a greater understanding of each other?

Haunted Mansions – where volunteers – one Muggle family, one magical family – have to spend the night in a haunted house, which may have ghost or goblins or the odd Dementor – the magical family can use magic but is not allowed to let the Muggles know what they’re doing. Will they survive the night or run away screaming and lose the money? Let’s have the Dursleys get first crack at the money. Would Vernon realize he was relying on crackpots for money?

Quidditch Wives – the glitz, the glamor, shopping sprees, sobbing and tantrums amidst the fame and fortunes gained by their husbands.

Beauty and the Beast – with Fleur and Bill, a serious documentary dealing with the dark side of fame – Fleur is a top fashion model with a stalker, while Bill’s gruesome appearance is mocked as he walks down the street. Can their marriage survive? Will the public, seeing their love, appreciate that Bill is a good man and not a danger to society?

Well, that’s all I’ve got at the moment. What are your thoughts on the matter??? DO you have any fantastical Harry Potter ideas? Leave a comment…subscribe….whatever you are in the mood for….have decided that my life is too broad to just do a running blog…Love you!!!


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