Crashed back to reality with a breathless jolt…

Tonight I ran…

Yesterday, did my fast walk with sporadic moments of galloping…totaled 5.8 miles around Lake Hollywood…it was misty, cool, atmospheric; the sign came in and out of view…few people, just me, some squirrels, two turtles, a baby stag, who’s getting bigger every time I see him, a few hummingbirds and a lizard – very relaxing.  Felt confident in my decision to potentially do the marathon.  Last night, I took photos in my red bikini and measurements – worse than I expected, and that’s having lost a few pounds of bloat thanks to my increased activity/healthy eating in the past 10 days or so.  By the way, will not be posting those photos etc in public domain; this is not a blog about weight loss, although I will share anything that works, and I am confident that will be a happy side-effect of all my efforts.

Earlier in the day, attended a gentle yoga/stretch class at Yoga Blend; never realized I was so tight – normally, I’m rather bendy – it was my first class in months.  So far, so good. Purchased a sports bra – although almost dislocated my shoulder trying some of them on – need to protect my assets!

With the attitude of nothing ventured, nothing gained, I set off to the weekly evening run organized by A Runner’s Circle shop on Los Feliz – signed in – and decided to do the 3 mile walk/run over the 5 mile sexy walk.  Wrong choice.  All the very fast ones took off first (Great bunch of people, 3 of the girls had safely run in Boston and some crazy guys are doing a 50 mile trail run this weekend!) Started strong, by the time I reached the bridge, was slowing down, and crossed the 5 freeway via a creepy, dark underpass – a great time to be running – at a walk.  Ran a wee bit through Griffith Park – the sandy trail was hard and I fell farther behind until there were 3 of us trailing at the back.  Rebecca, our pacer, kept coming back for us and encouraged us to keep going.  We were supposed to be doing 5min run/walk or maybe it was 3 min run/walk; we were so off-pace, I don’t know what we were supposed to be doing.  We finished strong by walking fast.  After orange slices, water, stretching – they had a mini yoga stretch class – they held a raffle.  I won!  Luckily, not entry to the Pasadena marathon, but a red running t-shirt.  An omen?

So, good news = I survived, although I don’t know how my poor muscles will feel tomorrow – had hot shower, took advil, did a ton of stretching when I got home.  My naive notion of sprinting the finish of a marathon appears to be more my exquisite imagination than reality and the whole cocky attitude of ‘how hard can it be?’ is dwindling fast.

So, I’m not out, but I’m still not all in; I still believe I can do it – more walking than running – but it will take a hell of a lot of hard work and enduring mind-numbing miles to get there.

One thing I have realized about myself; I love the idea of a finite goal – that I can train and, if I follow the program, that I will succeed.  In my life, with acting and writing, the outcome is not guaranteed; it doesn’t matter how great, passionate, dedicated, educated, inspired you are.  It’s exhausting and so draining to be operating on such pure blind faith; I love the idea of having control over my destiny and not let it rest in the hands of others for a change.  And I’m inspired to finish my book this year – more on that on a different page – how great that would be – to have 2013 be the year that I completed a marathon and my book.  In 2014, I would be unstoppable!  World domination, here i come…well, I’ll see if I can walk tomorrow first!



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