7 More Thoughts On Afterlife…A Personal View (From The Plausible To The Ridiculous)

Death finds us all – some after a life well-lived, others have it thrust upon them, by sickness, accident or malice – but where do we go afterlife?  A few months ago, I was debating this with myself and came up with some plausible to the ridiculous ideas…I decided to split the article in two halves to make it easier to digest….the first bunch can be found here…http://yvonnemcleod.com/13-thoughts-afterlife/

In the past few months, my thoughts have not changed regarding where we may go – my favorites are below…I want #1 or 2 to be true! I do not presume to be an authority on the matter…I am still alive, after all…

However, by the atrocities perpetuated by the pathetic masked bullies, so many miles from me, I’ve been forced to think about Death as it happens.  I’d outlined an article on those cowardly little men, with little dicks, and no balls, who’re burning brave men to death, enslaving/torturing children, and brainwashing impressionable teenagers, then selling it as God’s Word – but I refuse to give them publicity by mentioning their name.  And, my heart’s not stout enough to examine their actions or beliefs; I am too saddened. But I wish their afterlife to be Personal Hell – where they get to live their worst moments or the worst moments of their victims!

I like to think that the afterlife we end up with is where we deserve to be…who makes that decision…I don’t know…but I hope it’s true that logic and reason will prevail, not warped versions of a beautiful religion.

On a much lighter note, here are my fun thoughts on where, the good, may end up….I covered the nasty ones in the first article….

7. Historical Do-over

A variation on Do over – what if you were able to relive somebody else’s life – a historical figure – in an alternate universe – yes, I’ve been watching too much Doctor Who!What if you could make other choices for them?

What if JFK decided to be nowhere dear Dallas that fateful day, but play golf in Palm Springs with the Rat Pack? What if Cleopatra hadn’t seduced Mark Anthony? Or Hitler had been killed by measles as a boy? You get the idea…How much difference does one person truly make on history….how would history change? Or would you find yourself making the same choices given the same circumstances?

6. Animal Karma

What if, after we died, we became the animal most resembling us, where we would feel most at home – in a land, with no people, where the environment has not been contaminated, where nature would remain contrary – hurricanes, earthquakes, climate change would still occur – and survival of the fittest would be in play; each species would have its natural advantages and weaknesses.
In this case, the Wall Street, corporate types may become eagles, whales, lions, the real sharks, the natural predators. The family loving people may become meerkats, ducks or elephants. The romantics could be swans, while playful lovers are otters. Artists become spiders making intricate webs, while the loners are cats or snakes. Those who loved order and peace, become part of a colony of bees or ants. Models morph into flamingos, peacocks and butterflies.

So on, and so forth; everyone is where they are the happiest and where they belong. Even those humans, who took advantage and dealt in lies, have their place – as the scavengers – the vultures, the bottom feeders – while the creatures loathed by all, the scum of the earth, at the present time, in my opinion, USUS – the UnIslamic State – spend their afterlife as hated, persecuted, cockroaches and termites.

5. Lucky Dip

Anything could happen – this would be the Russian Roulette of Death, where it didn’t matter what you did, who you were, or what happened. When you die, your soul gets placed in a big catapulty type thing and you’re launched into space. You could land anywhere, in space and time – you could could land on another planet, in another dimension, in an alternate reality. This would be a choice for the pure adrenaline seekers. Fate and dumb luck would indeed rule your destiny.

4. Traditional Heaven

This would be your white lights, angels singing, peace and quiet. Like generic Hell, seems like it might be a bit boring. It may be like a new club that everybody is raving about, but once you get in, you realize you hate the music, are annoyed by the clientele, and wish you were home in your bed, getting up to whatever makes you happy!

My dad always said that he didn’t want to go to heaven because he didn’t think he’d know anybody! And who wants to spend an eternity talking to boring strangers or everybody you know that died that you weren’t too fond of in life! And what about the people who had multiple marriages/loves – e.g. Elizabeth Taylor – you think Mike Todd and Richard Burton are going to be best pals and share her? No, and them arguing is going to disrupt heaven for all the people looking for a bit of peace and quiet! Not very practical!

So, this may be an image that many aspire to, but if it wasn’t your image of heaven, it would be your version of hell!

3. Bliss

Many cultures believe, whether after one life-time or many, that true heaven is a place of absolute peace, love and joy – that once we, as souls, have attained enlightenment, that our soul merge with all the other souls, that we cease to be individuals, but become part of a universal consciousness. That merging of souls into one is believed to be the ultimate heaven. Nirvana. The ultimate afterlife for many….

2. Personal Heaven

If you’re good, based on the scale basis that I discussed in #12 Personal Hell, you’ll enter Personal Heaven. Here, for eternity, you live out your favorite moments on a never-ending loop – you can fall in love, eat your favorite meal, have Christmas every day, travel, cross the finish line of your first marathon, watch a sunset – everything and anything you love, you experience it, without the heartache and pain of what happened next – your heart never gets broken, you never get sick, feel loss, you’ll be forever at peace, in love, live happy ever after….

1. Cartoon Heaven

If it wasn’t #2, I’d go for this one. In this version of afterlife heaven, you become your favorite cartoon character, you have your same personality as now, can experience fun and joy, along with other transient emotions, emotions run through you like air, always fresh, you feel no pain and can never die. So, if you love singing, dressing up, and falling in love, become a Disney Princess – I know who’s going to claim Ariel – M! (I’ve been told I’m a natural Belle, who loves to read, go exploring, have fun, meddles where she shouldn’t, stands up for what/who she believes in, and doesn’t stop believing it can all work out, even as the last petal is falling!)
So, what’s your choice – Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Bambi, a Car, Grumpy, Ratatouille or WALL-E? Or maybe an anime character or one from your favorite video game, or comic book?
Choose your character – your adventure – your destiny…your death…the afterlife awaits you….but hopefully not too soon….

I wish you joy and peace for a beautiful life – may you have no regrets when you do pass on, kiss your loved ones, tell the truth, be kind to people….just be yourself – as Oscar Wilde said – Everyone else is taken!”  Go forth and be happy – be the person you want to be featured in your obituary…

Question: What can you do today to ensure your legacy will be one to be proud of?


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